Matchmaking for educated singles

It is often more difficult for educated singles to find the right match than it is for people with less education. over the years there have been many studies and articles suggesting that particular well educated women had difficulty finding the right long time match. But that is not necessarily restricted to women. Men are having similar challenges.

The matchmaking dilemma

In the old days people didn’t marry for love. The poor people married because men and women needed it other to survive. The rich and noble people married each other because they needed to protect their class and secure their wealth and influence for future generations.

The world has fortunately changed for most people, but it doesn’t mean that dating and matchmaking has become easier. Not at all.

Men and women don’t need each other in order to survive as we did earlier. That is one of the reasons why there are so many singles. We can easily maintain a pleasant life ourselves. Still many of us are seeking the ultimate life-long relationship. But we are much more picky because relationships today are no longer a necessity for surviving. Relationships are nice to have and we have very high expectations for how they should be.

but interestingly, we seem to be in a dilemma. One one hand we are more free than ever before - both men and women, but that freedom and increased individualism seem to make it very difficult for us to find the right partner who can give us what we really crave for, namely unconditional love, support and compassion.

Swiping through photos in a Dating app doesn’t help

We human beings can develop mutual attraction on at least 3 different levels. We can become mutually attracted on the physical/sexual level, which is what is happening when we swipe through photos in an app like tinder. We can also become mutually attracted emotionally when we share some fundamental values with another person. And finally we can become intellectually attracted to each other.

it doesn’t take long becoming physically attracted. It happen within seconds. It takes a lot longer developing emotional and intellectual attraction. In return that kind of attraction Last a lot longer too.

The general rule is that for a relationship to work you need to have at least 2 of the 3 types of attraction in place. Having all three in place is however quite rare, but two will do.

In The Educated Singles Club you can develop all 3 types of attraction - in your own pace

in the Educated Singles Club You as a member is a lot more that a photo in a swipe. You have the opportunity to express yourself in so many way in groups, fora, discussions so that you can connect with fellow elite singles in many different ways and on many different levels. You never know how a relationship starts. It may very well start with an intellectual admiration, a sense of companionship or something different.

so our dating advice to you as a well educated single is. Don’t think too much just because you can. Try to let go and follow your intuition - also when it takes you on a journey your intellect would never do.

Happy dating

The Educated Singles Club

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Matchmaking for educated singles
It is often more difficult for educated singles to find the right match than it is for people with less education. over the years there have been many studies and articles suggesting that particular well educated women had difficulty finding the right long
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