Welcome to The Educated Singles Club

The Educated Singles Club is the exclusive club where you meet well-educated singles from around the world for dating, networking and socialising. It is a members-only dating club where all membership applications are thoroughly assessed before a membership is offered.

We assess all applicants' ID and level of education. We also assess the quality of each profile and we reject more than 85% of the membership applications we receive.

It is the only way you can rest assured that, if your membership application is approved, you will only meet genuine well-educated people, who meet the same high standards as you.

This is a different dating site.

Instead of trying to make an unreal glamorous first impression we invite you to make yourself attractive both intellectually, socially, culturally and physically. By sharing photos and by initiating or contributing to discussions and forums you have the opportunity to show more sides of you to an exclusibe group of academics and other well-educated singles.

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