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Is Education Doing Favors For Your Dating Life?

At Grand Canyon University (GCU), they know that many of their students find sparks among their GCU classmates, connecting over shared classes, group projects or on-campus events. Still, we know that different education levels and intellectual perspectives can make or break a relationship right from the start. We’ve heard of dates being intellectually snobby, empty-headed and just about everything in between. And now, as in-person dating resumes, GCU is curious to see how intellectual compatibility will impact the fate of new relationships.

Grand Canyon University (GCU), along with help from Grand Canyon Education, surveyed 700 people across the U.S. to uncover how education factors into Americans' dating lives. We asked survey participants the following questions:

  • Do you inherently judge a romantic partner based on their degree attainment or based on which college they attended?
  • Do you prefer to be the intellectual superior in a relationship, and to what degree do you like to be intellectually challenged?
  • Between earnings potential, educational attainment and beyond, what are your most important dating criteria
  • How does degree attainment impact your romantic matches on online dating apps?

Then, we compiled our results to gauge if education is doing favours for Americans’ dating lives. Read on to see the full survey results!

Is these factors unique to the USA or are they universal? Please share your comments and perspectives

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Are these factors universal?
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