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Les Avantages d’Être un Célibataire Mature et Éduqué : Pourquoi Le Club des Célibataires Éduqués est l’Endroit Idéal pour Rencontrer des Personnes Similaires
Dans un monde où les relations dominent souvent le récit, les célibataires se sentent souvent négligés, laissant place à un sentiment d'exclusion. Cependant, être un célibataire mature et éduqué comporte ses propres avantages uniques et offre des opportuni
The Benefits of Being a Mature, Educated Single: Why The Educated Singles Club Excels
In a world where relationships often dominate the narrative, the spotlight frequently falls on couples, leaving singles feeling overlooked. However, being a mature, educated single comes with its own set of unique advantages and opportunities for personal
Datingtip: How to write a great dating profile as a well-educated single - The Educated Singles Club
Crafting an impressive dating profile on platforms like The Educated Singles Club is about showcasing your personality, intellect, and interests. While you may not consider yourself particularly good-looking, there are several ways to make a compelling pro
Can we really foresee break-ups? Hindsight bias in the evaluation of romantic relationships
"I knew they wouldn't last" is the reaction people often have when hearing that a couple they know has broken up.However, a new study, published in the open-access journal Social Psychological Bulletin, suggests that people might want to think twice before
Wondering: Who will find me attractive?
I don't look like a movie star. Who will find me attractive?Fortunately, The Educated Singles Club is not Tinder and fortunately, attractiveness is subjective, and different people are drawn to different qualities. While physical appearance can play a role
Loneliness is as dangerous to your health as smoking half a pack of cigarettes a day or being obese.
When we think about being healthy and having a high life expectancy, we often tend to think about getting enough exercise, eating healthy doesn't drink or smoking too much. But according to the world's longest study( 85 years) from Harvard University, led
Is it ok to use chatGPT to create your dating profile?
Is it ok to use chatGPT to create your dating profile?Can artificial intelligence write a better dating profile than yourself?The Educated Singles Club often encourage our members to update their profiles. The more you tell about yourself the greater chanc
Dating Research: 71% are lying about themselves, but not in The Educated Singles Club - here is why
Most educated singles are not getting what they expect when joining dating sites. The Educated Singles Club is, however, the exception. A vision, thorough validation of information and a different business model makes the difference.71% are lying about the
Why is dating so hard? - And how does The Educated Singles Club make it easier?
There are myriad reasons why dating is so hard, though one psychologist we talked to says that it should be hard to a degree. And while technology has made some facets of dating easier, it has also complicated others.The Paradox of Choice The paradox of ch
How is The Educated Singles Club different from a traditional dating site?
One of the questions we often get is about how The Educated Singles Club differs from traditional dating sites. To answer that question let us start with what the vision of the founders was.Our visionThe vision of The Educated Singles Club is to create a g
The 'illusion of knowledge' that makes people overconfident
From BBC ( See link at the bottom for reading more)It’s easy to think you’re a font of knowledge. And while you may have plenty of skills and expertise, it’s quite likely you know less than you think.IIf you consider yourself reasonably intelligent and edu
At Grand Canyon University (GCU), they know that many of their students find sparks among their GCU classmates, connecting over shared classes, group projects or on-campus events. Still, we know that different education levels and intellectual perspectives