The Educated Singles Club is the global club for singles who have at least a masters degree. All membership applications are thoroughly assessed before a membership is granted. This way, you as a member can rest assured that all the fellow members are who they pretend to be.

Well-educated and single — and want more than a swipe in an app?

Why is it that dating apps are only about physical appearance? We swipe through hundreds of real or fake profile in search of the right one. And we never succeed. We don’t succeed because we as human beings are a lot more than just a nice photo.

We can become attracted to other people in so many way and so many different levels. And we are all different. It can, of course, start out with physical attraction, but it can also begin with intellectual, professional or emotional attraction.

We are also different when it comes to how long time we need to get attracted to another person. Dating apps don’t leave much room for that kind of diversity.

That is why The Educated Singles Club was founded.

The Educated singles Club is a global club for well-educated singles who have at least a masters degree. When you join the club you can, of course, approach other members who you find interesting based on their profiles. But you can also participate in — or start discussions about a topic of your interest and through this path develop friendships that might develop into a more romantic encounter.

Educated singles are more satisfied with their lives than others

We know from our research that well-educated singles are more content with being single, than less educated singles. That is partly because they usually have a stronger job identity and a better financial situation than less educated singles.

But that doesn’t mean that well-educated singles don’t want a relationship. It just means that they have more time to develop a relationship on many different levels than other people. The Educated Singles Club is made for that.

Before the covid19 pandemic, we organised events in major cities around the world. That is of course been put on hold, but we will resume these activities as soon as it is responsible and allowed to do so.

It is called a club for a reason

The Educated Singles Club is an exclusive club for singles with at least a masters degree.

A lot of well-educated singles are suspicious about dating sites, and that is for a good reason. A lot of these sites are filled up with fake profiles and communication robots that give you the impression that a lot of people are looking at your profile.

“Free” is far from free — on the contrary

Most of these dating sites will offer you to sign up for free. As a person with a well-functioning brain, you already know that it is not possible — right? You can be sure, that if someone on the internet is offering you something for free, then you can be sure that you are the product.

So when a dating site is offering you a free profile, you can be sure that the information you give will be sold to a third party for marketing or profiling purposes. The people who are offering you a free profile have to make money somehow.

The Educated Singles Club is transparent

The Educated Singles Club is an exclusive club, where you pay a membership fee. The companies listed in the dedicated add section pay a fixed fee to promote their products or services there. That is all.

We check your identity and education thoroughly before a membership application is approved

When you apply for membership your identity and level of education are checked thoroughly before a membership application is approved. We do that to ensure that all members of the club are who they appear to be. This way you as a member don’t have to fear communicating with people who are not who they pretend to be.

The Educated Singles Club rejects more than 90% of all membership applications because the identity can’t be verified or the applicant doesn’t have the minimum educational level the club requires.

Join the Club today and start to date, network, mingle and much more

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      Join The Educated Singles Club
      The best club for elite and academic singles

      Join the Educated Singles Club, where you are more than a swipe

      Meet and date other professional and well-educated singles. The Educated Singles Club is for dating, socialising, networking, academic exchange, discussions and much more.

      You must have at least a masters degree from a reputable institution and a mature LinkedIn profile in order to join the Club.

      There is no need to apply if you don't meet these requirements as we check identity and level of education thoroughly before we offer a membership.

      Learn more about The Educated Singles Club and why you should join here

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