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Highly educated singles are picky - and for a good reason!

As a highly educated single you probably often hear that you are too picky when it comes to relationships and that you focus too much on your job. It is true, that singles with long educations work a lot more than people with shorter education. But why is that connected to not being able to find a partner and establish a relationship? After all, one of the most popular places, to meet a potential date is actually the workplace, so all the highly educated singles should have plenty of opportunities to meet the right candidate for a date, right?

well, yes and no. As it is true, that, objectively, that are plenty of dating candidates at the workplace, out research also shows that most well-educated singles don’t want to date a person from their workplace. The reason for that is that they don’t want to bring their status at work at risk, in case the relationship break.

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