For how long have you been offline?

Some of the discussions going on at the Educated Singles fora are about whether social media has improved our lives or the opposite. There seem to be a movement away from social media and focus on the real world instead. Yet, we use social media more than ever before. 

So we have a simple question for you that will serve as an input to the discussion

Question: What is the longest period of time you have been voluntarily offline within the past year?

As we want as many and diversified answers as possible we will be grateful if you will share this poll on - yes - social media - sorry!

I have not been offline at all
6 votes  (20.69%)
Less than a day
10 votes  (34.48%)
Between 1 - 3 days
7 votes  (24.14%)
Between 3 days and a week
0 votes  (0%)
Between 1 or 2 weeks
3 votes  (10.34%)
Between 2 weeks and a month
2 votes  (6.9%)
More than 1 month
1 votes  (3.45%)
0 0 0 0 0 0
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