Vote: Who should pay for the first date? 

One ongoing discussion on the fora in The Educated Singles Club is about who should be paying for the first date. What is your educated opinion? 

We know from our members that different expectations and sometimes different norms lead to awkward moments when the bill for the first date has to be paid. We will also be happy if you will share your experiences from this topic from your first dates.

According to Money Magazine, 78% think the man should pay for he first date. 

In their survey on love and finances conducted by Money and SurveyMonkey, 78% of respondents said they think men should pay on the first date. Out of the 4,447 participants, 20 percent disagreed, while 2 percent declined to answer.

Overall, women were slightly less united on the matter. While 85% of men agreed that their wallets should be on the line, only 72% of women said so. This trend held steady with every group except for divorcees, where women slightly edged out the men in answering “yes.”

New dating trend sees men asking for refunds when they don’t see a 'return on investment’ — how the rules of romance have changed amid high costs of living as in this article on Yahoo Finance

That post relates to a poll we have been running in The Educated Singles Club about who should pay for the first day. Now that both men and women earn money, it really doesn't make sense that it is the man who has to pay - does it?

Who should pay? VOTE and share

And please share the poll so we can get more input

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