Coronavirus: Flatten the Curve - why we must act quickly

Watch this funny and yet deadly serious 3 minutes movie on why we must take this pandemic seriously and act fast. Please share if you like it!

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Are you Well-Educated and Single?

Then you should consider becoming a member of The Educated Singles Club. 

Why join The Educated Singles Club?

You can choose to join for many different reasons including:

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What are the requirements for becoming a member?

To become a member you must have at least a masters degree from a recognised institution. When you apply for membership we do a thorough evaluation to ensure that we have no fake profiles and that all members meet the requirements

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Most successful people have tried thousands time before they succeeded

Most successful people have tried thousands time before they succeeded

Some of the biggest successes we know and some of the most successful people we know didn't become successful overnight, by luck or because they were born with a golden spoon. They became successful because never gave up on an idea they believed it. Which idea do you believe in and how hard are you willing to try? Meet other educated single entrepreneurs here. When you embark on a venture like this most people won't understand you, so it is important to network and socialise with likeminded people, and who knows? You might get a bonus.Watch this cartoon from The Bright Side and learn about some of the people who have tried thousands of times before succeeding
Are you really Happy?

Are you really Happy?

HAPPINESS by Steve Cutts. Probably one of the best cartoons you will ever see. Can you relate to it or are you living a different life?Please share if you like it. It is a necessary wake up call for many peopleWe know from surveys that many of our members in Educated Singles are having a life just like that. For some, it is a choice, but for many, it is a trap they got in to after having graduated and found it more difficult than anticipated to find a job where they could pay off their student depth and have the opportunity to advance on the corporate ladder.This is also the reason why so many people with academic education are single. They simply have to work all the time and cannot afford