Comment to 'Is an Elite Single the same as Educated Single?'
  • I teach Interpersonal Comm courses to undergrads. I recommend to my students to consider at least two levels of attraction out of three with the opposite, same gender or trans: (Task, Social, and Physical) and not a level of degree attraction. Street smarts and common sense, count for some level of intellectualism. There are many intellectulas who have no commonsence, let alone street smarts, that are expert at what they do in their respected area...however, sometimes, they don't make terrific candidates for a relationship. IMHO, If the goal is for a long term r-ship, I believe "Task" ( working for a common goal) and Social (being a contributor to society) are a good match. If you are totally in love with the complete package, physical, should not matter going forward because we all change looks. So, when you are out for Pizza and now you are 50+, and you can't wait for sex, so you take your pizza home, (have sex, make love) and then eat your pizza in bed, and make love again! This was fun. Nice meeting both of you, Sheila and Amrita. I feel lucky, because I have my BA, so maybe I will be a consideration as time passes. LOL