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What is most important when looking for a partner?

What is most important for you when looking for a partner? Is it the intellectual or emotional match? The looks? wealth?

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    • I think it is a combination of many factors mostly leading to the question of compatability and attraction. Could this be a potential partner I think starts with attraction then as time goes on with communication either the relationship deepens and becomes more of a possibility or it ends.

      • Someone that matches your energy I think. Relationships aren't meant to be easy. And should be 100/100 from both sides. Along with this, trust, honesty, support, understanding, strength, love

        • So much we can dissect on this question but I think it come down to a “vibe.” I feel charisma when the relationship is right. Initial attraction will start with looks but develop as the conversation moves or fade if it doesn’t 

          • One thing has been forgotten, and sadly re-defined to suit society. The purpose of "Decency & Respect".The Book of Genesis explains how we need to live and what we should and should not do. However, society has accepted to change all that has been told to us from the beginning, but we think we know better. Do we? All we need to do is look, open our eyes, listen, and say nothing, but we refuse to learn and instead, we have much havoc to filter through with things getting pretty bad with gender issues, Gay marriage and abortion.... and more. All very heavy crosses to bear and with dire results in the end. Try and read and understand. Our upbringing plays a major part in our choices as well and many of us have not been born with a silver spoon if any spoons at all.  We are ready to point the finger and become defensive but that only leads to more misunderstandings and less definition of accepting life and our wrongdoings. The demonic hate us with vengeance, they all want us to join them in hell. Many will but the saddest thing is that "Hell is eternal as well". One NEVER gets out of there.                                                                                                                                                 

            • Looks and attractiveness are the surface. While. I can understand certain biases, we all have preferences. There is nothing so compelling and so sexy as a kind person whose personality glows shined through years of trial and error, personal growth, lifelong learning, and a dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I prefer to dig a little deeper and “see” the real person.

              • What is most important when looking for a partner?

                For me, the answer lies within the context of "compatibility." There is little doubt, that an attraction to a potential relationship is vital. All to often, however, many think of atraction only in terms of "physical" characteristics. While being physically attracted to a person is necessary, being attracted to their attributes is also necessary. Attributes such as intelligence, compassion, humility, care, concern, communication, understanding, wisdom. I may be different than most men but the first thing I notice about a woman is her eyes and smile. One can manufacture looks BUT the eyes cannot lie because they are connected to the soul. Be very careful to get past the "bust and behind" and give much attention to the "real" person!

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