How to meet educated singles in Paris

More than 10 million people live in greater Paris, where many of them have a higher education. But how many singles are there actually? has published the results of a study to find out which city in France has the greatest percentage of single people.

And it turns out the singles capital of France is the northern city of Lille, famed for its large student population and attractive nightlife.

Of the forty-odd towns studied, Lille came in first place with a promising 60.2% of the population not currently taken for, which represents about 115 547 single people out of the adult population of 191 925. Hot on Lille’s tracks came the eastern city of Nancy, where 59.5% are currently commitment-free and then the renowned student city of Rennes, in Brittany where 57% of the population are still looking for love. The study was based on the latest data from France's national statistics agency,  INSEE, from 2010, and focused on singles over the age of 15 in towns with more than 100 000 inhabitants. 

The report indicates that "singles make up the majority of the population in these young student cities."

The cities of Toulouse, Bordeaux and Rouen, also ranked in the top ten, but Paris, the so-called City of Love, was ranked down in 17th place.

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