Meet Educated Singles in London

There are a lot of educated singles in London

According to recent data, 44.1 per cent of London’s adult population classify themselves as ‘single’. Officially, London has around 9 million inhabitants, which means there are just below 4 million singles if we can trust the numbers. Many of these singles are well-educated as London is one of the most expensive cities in the world because prices are driven up by high incomes and good job opportunities.

In that unscientific survey, it turns out that there are some areas in London with more singles than others. Read on.

Orpington, in the southeast of Greater London, was found to have the highest percentage of single people in the capital.

This was closely followed by the neighbouring suburb of Sidcup, Isleworth in the west, Edgware in the north and Ruislip in the northwest.

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