Meet Educated Singles in Hong Kong

Educated Singles in Hong Kong 

Around 540000 people in Hong Kong, the 8th most densely populated city in the world, were registered as living alone in 2021. 306000 women and 234000 men according to official Hong Kong statistics. It is approximately 7% of the population. In terms of education in 2021, there were 838000 women and 795000 men who had a post-secondary degree. How many of those who were or are singles we don't know. However, what er do know is, that the well-educated people, living in big cities are more often single than well-educated people living in smaller towns or in the countryside.

Educated and single in Hong Kong? Then The Educated Singles Club is ideal for you.

The Educated Singles Club is very different from a traditional dating site. If you dislike the superficiality of Tinder, then you will most certainly like The Educated Singles Club. Even if you live in a fast-paced city like Hong Kong you very well know that rushing too fast is not the right strategy when it comes to dating. Especially not if you a well-educated, multifaceted single.

In our club you have the opportunity and the time to get to know and become attracted to another person in many different ways unlike many dating apps where a swipe on a photo to the left or right makes the selection.

In the educated singles club you have the opportunity to connect with other well-educated singles intellectually, socially, culturally or professionally before moving on to the next stage. This way you will know a lot more about the other person before you decide to move on, or decide just to the remain friends.

The Educated Singles club is global.

Educated singles travel a lot more than any other group of people, both professionally and for leisure. Hong Kong is a vibrant cite, where many people, under normal circumstances, passes by and stay for a shorther or longer term. As a member of the club you will therefore have the opportunity to meet up with fellow singles who come to Hong Kong or you can meet up with somebody when you are traveling.

The Educated Singles Club is safe

All membership applications are carefully assessed before the application is accepted. We check an applicants and identity and education level and we do a thorough general assessment. We can of course not disclose what that assessment is. We reject 85% of of all applications for one or the other reason. That is your guarantee that the members you are communicating with in the club are who they pretend to be.