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Who am I and who will I like to date?

I have some old Master's degrees (not yet used):  Zoology/Physiology and a Master of Business Administration. My (hoped for) science project would be a "game changer".

In particular, I would like to see brain scans (via fMRI and the 256 channel research High Density EEG) on people like "Magnetic man Georgian man breaks record for sticking spoons to his body - YouTube " and "entertainers" like Shin Lim

The idea being that the voluntary abilities displayed by such people could be correlated with some brain loci/tracts. Tracing nerve connections to and from these sites could ultimately lead to the biological cellular assemblages that produce the documented effects. (For example, one could employ vital dyes in identical locations in cadavers to check diffusion.)

Being unaffiliated with institutions makes my project problematic.

You could help, by passing the word. 

But the ultimate goal of the experiments is to find the energy spectrum utilized, which seems to be different from the four known Fundamental Forces of electromagnetism, gravity, and the weak and strong nuclear forces. Both Anatomy and Physics would be updated.

Other than the above: Divorced, had a boy and girl. I was in the Army: Vietnam Era. Have a brother and sister. No notable accomplishments so far. Hoping to meet a sympathetic and gentle woman of childbearing age. (You or a friend of yours; [although there are other dating sites also].)

Also, I hope to network.

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