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As an Educated Single in the UK, did you vote for or against Brexit? Votes are anonymous even if you vote while being logged in as a member of The Educated Singles Club.

Covid-19: How much is a life worth?More and more heads of states are beginning to talk about how much much they should spend on fighting the Coronavirus outbreak. Is there a limit? If yes that...

A life is worth: 5.000€
3 votes  (6.82%)
A life is worth: 50.000€
0 votes  (0%)
A life is worth: 1.000.000€
9 votes  (20.45%)
A life is worth: 10.000.000€
4 votes  (9.09%)
A life is worth: 100.000.000€
2 votes  (4.55%)
A life is worth:€
1 votes  (2.27%)
The value of a life has no limit. I will sacrifice everything to save a life.
25 votes  (56.82%)