Kristin Waters

Who am I and who will I like to date?

I've been teaching and writing political philosophy for some time now, but despite that sober profession, I'm known as a gentle, attractive, and spirited individual.

What is The Educated Singles Club?

The Educated Singles Club is the dating site for well-educated singles. You must have at least a masters degree to join. We provide a safe environment we you can be certain that all the fellow members are who they pretend to be. That is because we check each applicant’s identity and education level before we offer a membership. In fact we reject more than 85% of the received applications.

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Are there really people to meet on this site or is it all a scam.  Please respond.  (Are you a bot?)
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Put your clothes on!
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This is the loneliest dating site I've ever seen. I love to travel.  Is it possible to find people who also love to travel and learn more about their specific interests?  How does one to this?
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How on earth to you use this site, can someone help me?  I'm pretty smart (PhD in Philosophy) but it seems as though all the profiles and conversations are hidden.  Clearly I'm missing something.  Help!
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