Why isn't Educated Singles Free?

It cost a fee to be a member of Educated Singles and you get a discount if you subscribe for a longer period of time. You can cancel your subscription any time you like.

Here we will like to explain why Educated Singles isn't free. Please read on

1. We value your privacy

From the very beginning we decided to have a very transparent business model. That means that you pay a small fee for getting access to a service which has been developed and maintained to serve the purpose of bringing educated singles from around the world together. And thats it. You won't see any advertising and we wont sell you information to third party companies.

When you search on google or use facebook they appear to be free, but you pay a very high price. They collect a lot of information about you and your behaviour and use this information for very targeted advertising. Google even reads the mails in your "free" gmail account and target advertising to you based on what your mails are about.

We want it differently. Nothing is free but we want to make it transparent where the funding for Educated Singles is coming from. It comes from your membership fee only. 

2. It makes Educated Singles safer

We have a fairly rigid assessment system when assessing new profiles. This assessment includes:

  1. Validating theinformation you provide against your Linkedin profile.
  2. Checking if the photo you provided meets the requirements and isn't a photo of someone else.
  3. Request a small payment prior to signing up. 

Requesting a payment is one of the most effective ways of avoiding fake profiles. When you search for people on Educated Singles and initiate a conversation with them we want you to feel confident that the person you are communicating with is who he or she claims to be.

3. Develop new features and services

It requires a lot of resources developing and maintaining  a global community. People from 3 continents are contributing to developing Educated Singles and we have aspirations far beyond the website, for instance:

We want to offer high quality e-learning modules to our members for free

We want to organise events around the world for members where learning, socialise and dating are integrated elements

We want to sponsor think tanks, where members can participate and contribute in developing new ideas on how to solve some of the major challenges we face on this planet.


4. We hope you will join

With this explanation we hope you will join. You can do it right here