About Educated Singles

Educated Singles is a Global Club with local communities strictly for well-educated singles. You need to have at least a masters degree in order to join. It is an online- and real-life community for networking, socialising and dating where the members can rest assured that the fellow members are who they say they are. Before you are accepted we will validate your name, age and educational credentials. (Read more here)

Go on adventures together

We give you the opportunity to meet like-minded singles around activities you enjoy. An adventure trip in the mountains, a cruise, wine tastings, dinners, volunteer work, etc.

Career advice

Dreaming of working abroad? Do you want to change direction? Talk to one of our advisors and other members who want the same as you.

Learn together

join other members for educational events on topics where you have a shared interest and enjoy the evening afterwards with your new friends


Meet other educated singles at the events or online here in a safe environment. All members are screened and validated before they are accepted as members.


Do you need help to find out which way to go in life? Form a network with other members or consult one of the coaches who is collaborating with Educated Singles

Develop solutions together

With so many great minds we can act as a think tank and develop new solutions to well-known problems, simply because of our diversity. We can promote causes of importance and we can develop a powerful independent voice.

Featured Posts

Educated Single Woman - Challenging if you want to find a partner

Nice, FRANCE- As the number of single women with high flying careers and higher levels of education grows, one online community is committed to offering a solution for women who have put the pursuit of love on hold in the pursuit of career and education. When looking for the ideal partner, soul mate or simply the opportunity to connect with a likeminded individual it can be difficult to meet like-minded people while pursuing further education or a high-powered career. This can be particularly challenging for women. By the time they climb to the top in their career, the field intellectual equals in which to find a soul mate is often significantly narrowed. Educated Singles is the br

Women put off dating men who are 'too easy going' or 'too clever', psychology study finds

  Source: The Independent Women are put off from dating men who are either “too clever” or “too easy going”, a psychology study has found. The research found that while being intelligent and relaxed are desirable attributes in a prospective partner, it is nevertheless possible to have too much of a good thing. The study which looked at companion preferences discovered that while men and women find prospective partners more attractive as looks, intelligence, and “easy going” nature goes up, there is a threshold for women.  Read more here
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