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Being single beats being married, psychologist claims

The Independent:

Being single allows people to “live their best, most authentic and most meaningful life” and the idea of wedded bliss is largely a myth, a psychologist has claimed.

Professor Bella DePaulo told the American Psychological Association’s annual convention in Denver that she wanted to challenge the “conventional wisdom” that getting married helped people live longer, happier and healthier lives.

She said she had looked at more than 800 different academic studies carried out over the last 30 years that mentioned single people.

“The available findings are telling. For example, research comparing people who have stayed single with those who have stayed married shows that single people have a heightened sense of self-determination and they are more likely to experience ‘a sense of continued growth and development' as a person,” said Professor DePaulo, of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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Read the rest of the article in The Independent here:

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