About Us

About Educated Singles

Educated Singles is a Global Community for well-educated singles for Dating, Networking and Socialising. This means that you can be on Educated Singles for any of the three purposes and of course any combination of them. This is entirely up to you

Who can join?

In order to join you need to have at least a masters degree from a well-established and respectable institution. After you have joined you will be able to join more specific subgroups based on your education, interests, geography etc.

What is our privacy and refund policy?

Your privacy is crucial to us, which is one of the main reasons why we don't have free profiles on Educated Singles. None of the information you as a member has given will we given or sold to a third party in any form. Your membership is a subscription which you can cancel at any time to the end of a subscription period.

How do we secure authenticity?

One of the main issues for online social groups in general and dating communities in particular is to verify that the members are who they appear to be. In Educated Singles we decided to prioritise authenticity of any thing else. That means we assess each profile carefully before it is published and some structural elements helps us keeping this community safe, reliable and trustworthy for all members. The measures we have implemented are:
  • Our business model is not based on advertising revenue like most other online communities. We think it is wrong. This means you have to pay a small fee to have a profile with Educated Singles. With this model we don't need as many profiles as possible (where a large portion of them would be fake). We can approve the members who fit our criteria. This is good for you as a member.
  • We ask you provide us with a link to your LinkedIn public profile. We use the information in your Linkedin profile to verify your education and name. If you don't have a LinkedIn profile you can provide us with a link to another professional networking site like Xing or Viadeo where we can do the verification.
  • There are no free profiles. Nothing in this world is free. It is free to have a profile on Facebook and to use Google but they make a lot of money from collecting information about you and sell them to 3rd parties. With Educated Singles you pay a small fee and you don't have to worry about being spammed with mails or being exposed to ads when you are using Educated Singles. The information you provide us stays here. It is fair and transparent. Having no free profiles have another positive side effect, namely that it almost eliminates fake profiles, because people who create profiles don't want to pay anything because their identity will be revealed.
  • We also do photo verification if we are in doubt of a profile's authenticity.

Why should I join?

  • Educated Singles gives you the opportunity to connect with likeminded people around the world for Dating, Networking and Socialising
  • The Educated Singles website offers a broad palette of services for you to use
  • Ambassadors will build communities in the larger cities around the world and organise social and educational events
  • You are safe in Educated Singles. It is our top priority to make sure that each member is who he or she appears to be
  • We are global. We connect educated singles from around the world
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How much does it cost?

A 3-month membership cost 29€ and if you signup for a whole year you save approximately 30%. You can cancel your membership anytime you like till the end of a subscription period.

The payment is handled by Stripe. It is safe and reliable and you can pay with almost any credit card.